Don’t lend your husband your car |

Don’t lend your husband your car

Dear Editor,

Although I thought it would be an ordinary Saturday, getting ready to head to a High School track meet in Grand Junction, this one in fact . was very different. Our donkeys got out, as they have been getting good at. Anyone want two sweet Houdini-type donkeys?

Well, there was a knock on the door and Silt police officer Valadez asked me for my license to give me a ticket for the donkeys. After giving me a donkey ticket, he informed me I was under arrest for an outstanding warrant, handcuffed me and waited until he could have a New Castle police officer transport me to New Castle, where my husband paid $45 bond money to get me back home and on to the track meet.

I never in my life really did anything to warrant such an event, and I was horrified, asking what I did wrong. Did I possibly sleep walk and rob a convenience store?

Well, I had promised to take my teens to see family in New Mexico during spring break and would get to the bottom of this matter when we returned. The day of our return, friends called me to tell me the Silt police report had a lovely little paragraph on me, informing the Valley I was a criminal. I could not wait one more minute to know what I did!

The clerk of New Castle and a former neighbor did inform me that my warrant was for an unpaid parking ticket! He said New Castle does not send small incidents to the Post Independent, and I do believe him. I only wish that if my life must be exposed in the police report, saying the outstanding warrant for my arrest was for a parking ticket would be nice. And the funny thing is, my husband was the culprit … I’ll never lend him my car again!

Camille Toler


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