Don’t make that left turn |

Don’t make that left turn

Matthew Ballance

Dear Editor,

Let me start by saying that I don’t drive much; I walk or bike to work and in general I try to avoid using my car as much as possible. That being said, my perspective on the Grand Avenue water line project might differ from that of one who commutes on Highway 82 daily.

Even if I put myself in their shoes, though, I cannot understand why there are still so many people attempting to make left turns from 8th, 9th, and 10th streets.

I know a lot of people reading this will think “who cares?” since this is a nitpicky issue. But my office is at 10th and Grand and I have to listen to the horns of those who honk at the scofflaws all day since construction started. This is annoying.

More important is that I have almost been hit several times while walking or biking by these people making left turns. They are not looking at the sidewalk due to the pressure they face just getting across traffic.

I urge everyone who needs to turn left to suck it up and go the long way, and I urge everyone stuck behind one of the idiots not to honk, but rather walk up and tell them what they are doing wrong (use a sarcastic, condescending tone – it’s fun!).

Above all, I wonder why I haven’t seen any police presence during peak times at these intersections; are fines not double in this construction area? Couldn’t we use the extra revenue?

Thank you,

Matthew Ballance

Glenwood Springs

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