Don’t throw away Dalessandri’s 8 years of accomplishments |

Don’t throw away Dalessandri’s 8 years of accomplishments

Gary K. Sunderland and Barbara K. Sunderland

Dear Editor,

Due to the upcoming election for county sheriff, we would like to address some issues which all of us must consider.

Garfield County is approximately 3,500 square miles with a population of 43,791, with 19,345 living in unincorporated areas.

To date the Sheriff’s Department has responded to 8,143 calls. Of those calls, 984 have been assist agencies.

The total complement of the department is 88 people. Under Sheriff Dalessandri’s management, the department has never gone over budget and has, for the past seven years, returned funds to the county.

During the last eight years, Sheriff Tom Dalessandri has performed each and every responsibility charged to him by statute. Under Sheriff Dalessandri’s leadership his staff has researched and sought outside funds through grants and new programs.

Municipalities are required by law to have the consent of the county commissioners to house municipal prisoners within the county jail. Originally the municipalities were to be charged $62 per day to house prisoners in the new jail; however at the request of police chiefs, Sheriff Dalessandri asked the commissioners to lower the daily rate to $15. (As a side note, in 1993 when municipal inmates were last housed in the jail, the municipalities paid $40 per day.) To date, the jail has booked in 1,832 arrestees.

Due to the fact that Sheriff Dalessandri and his staff have an excellent working relationships with local, state and federal agencies, and has in place strategic plans for the future enhancement of the sheriff’s department, and law enforcement as a whole, please consider your vote carefully.

Can the citizens of Garfield County really afford to lose what has been gained in the last eight years and start over from scratch? Consider both candidates carefully on their qualifications, commitment, knowledge, and integrity.

Gary K. Sunderland

Barbara K. Sunderland

Sheriff’s Department employees

New Castle

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