Don’t turn you back on renewable energy |

Don’t turn you back on renewable energy

Dear Editor,

It is with humor and increasing skepticism that I respond to Matt Smith’s comments on wind-generated power. The Daily Sentinel of Nov. 20 carried an article by Erin McIntyre, discussing the potential of wind-generated energy.

Grand Junctions’ own Matt Smith declared, “I don’t think this is the time to subsidize wind generation.” He further states, “The most responsible thing that Colorado could do is a study of the best wind zones in Colorado.” I find it ironic that Matt has come out against further study on Grand Mesa to determine the impacts of Coal Bed Methane development. This development is dependent on federal subsidies and has been for decades. The potential impacts could alter both agricultural and potable water supplies for generations to come.

To paraphrase Bob Dylan, “It don’t take a weatherman – or a study – to tell which way the wind blows.” Perhaps if renewable energy companies would make more campaign contributions, the wind might change directions. As an astute legislator, Matt must be aware that the billions of taxpayer dollars that have gone toward oil and gas subsidies have not brought us to energy independence. Had those same dollars been used for research and development of renewable energy resources, we would not be in the situation we now find ourselves.

Please Matt, do the taxpayers who elected you a favor. Pull your head out of the gas well, feel the wind and the sun and realize that those too represent power. As our representative add your voice and considerable energy to those that would encourage renewable energy production. Lobbying against renewables has all the appearance of payback to oil and gas contributors.

Carl Roberts

Delta County

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