Don’t worry about it in the new year |

Don’t worry about it in the new year

April in Glenwood
April E. Clark
Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO
April E. Clark

As with any new year, I resolve to improve and grow over the impending 12 months. This year is no exception. Luckily I have a close friend, Liz, who is particularly talented at coaching me through the New Year’s resolution initiation.

I need all the help I can get.

I first met Liz here in Colorado through a friend of a friend of a friend. Our Midwestern roots helped us connect in many ways, but it was our similar personalities that really formed our bond. Liz is an interior designer. I studied interior design in college before switching to journalism. Since I didn’t make it through technical drawing classes with much success, my aspirations of becoming a chic interior designer were sequestered.

I can live vicariously through Liz, though.

Sometimes I have the habit of doting on friends as I’m introducing them to people. It’s almost like I’m their agent and public relations spokesperson. I’m not sure what this reveals about my personality type, but I’m always proud to share other’s triumphs with the world. Liz has designed several restaurants in our valley and I’m quick to make mention of it. I can’t help myself. I can see why many parents only talk about their kids nonstop.

I promise I won’t send out one of those holiday brag rags next Christmas.

Liz and I connect because we are both very goal-oriented. Sometimes I have too many goals and I don’t write them down often enough. So they get lost in life’s daily routine of working, eating and sleeping. I especially enjoy celebrating the new year with Liz because she takes the time to help me reflect on my accomplishments and set new goals for the coming year. After 2011, I can finally say I have a passport.

I have no idea why that took me so long.

The best advice Liz has ever given me is to slow down and take my time in relationships. She is wise in her young age – I’m 10 years her senior – and knows me too well after only five years of friendship. Liz is like the big sister I never had, except I technically should be the older one. If we had been born sisters, I would borrow everything in her closet and pester her to drive me to the mall.

I still have one of her belts … I’m having trouble parting ways with it.

I like Liz because she tells it like it is. If she thinks I’m making a bad, or good, decision she tells me. I need that type of friend because spontaneity is sometimes my worst enemy. Every now and then I need her to tell me to be patient.

That’s the big sister in her.

Liz can tell something’s on my mind just by looking at me. She’s almost like a blond Santa. She knows if I’ve been bad or good. She especially knows if I’m worried about something, and is quick to help me turn my concern into a solvable issue.

That takes some talent.

And a little help from Jono, Liz’s boyfriend. One of his favorite sayings to me is, “Don’t worry about it.”

The reporter in me likes to ask questions. I am an inquisitive creature. So I laugh every time I ask him yet another question and he tells me not to worry about it. Because he is usually right.

I so don’t need to worry about it.

While I live vicariously through Liz in her career as an interior designer, I also do the same with Liz and Jono as a couple. They are the power couple I most want to be like when I fall in love.

They have fun and laugh together more than any couple I’ve seen. They throw fabulous parties and host holiday celebrations that would make Martha Stewart jealous. And they always give the best advice.

Especially on New Year’s Day.

April E. Clark is making a New Year’s resolution to eat more salads and start running in 2012. She can be reached at

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