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"Drillbit" a bit disappointing

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From the brilliant mind of my favorite writer, Seth Rogan, comes this mildly entertaining but entirely disappointing comedy about three boys who accidentally hire a bum as their bodyguard.

“Drillbit Taylor”

Two out of Four Suns

Owen Wilson plays the bum, a veteran who tells the kids he was discharged for “unauthorized heroism” and is now on the run and lives on the street, where he steels tips out of jars. Wilson’s Drillbit works for him, but like so many of his other characters, it feels like the same old thing ” just a different movie.

The kids in this film are great. Nate Hartley and Troy Gentile play the typical tall-and-skinny versus short-and-stocky duo. They are funny and play their roles nicely, but it felt way too cookie cutter to me.

I think maybe if this movie had come out either before or without “Superbad” it could have worked. The problem is that “Superbad” was such a better film.

What I wanted from Rogan was ingenuity and freshness, like “Knocked Up,” but instead I got a worse version of the same movie.

It was not all bad. There were really good moments, but they were too rare and stretched too thin. Unfortunately, this is going to make me think twice before seeing another Rogan film.

“The Mist”

Two out of Four Suns

This is the third Steven King story that director Frank Darabont has brought to the big screen. Unfortunately, he has the same problem as Rogan. His the first two were so good.

1994’s “The Shawshank Redemption” and 1999’s “The Green Mile” were so dazzling that “Mist” looks like an armature’s attempt at genius.

In this third attempt, a deadly mist settles in on a small town trapping everyone inside a grocery store. Sure the bugs are scary, and the scenes are jumpy, but it falls short of any real horror.

Thomas Jane (“The Punisher”) plays the man charged with saving the town, and he is an action hero of sorts, so I was convinced. However, any time a movie has a quote like, “What were those tentacles even attached to?” it is time to wave goodbye.

“Beerfest” (2006)

If a real comedy is what you are searching for this weekend, pick up this shining star. Made by the same group as “Super Troopers” (2001), this is an excellent way to get your friends together with a case of good beer and some serious laughs.

Do not be afraid to share this rare jewel with people you love, not children of course. I watched it with my cousins, and I do not think we have stopped quoting it since.

And for those of you who are just as in to the Broken Lizard team as I am, “Super Troopers 2” has been announced for 2010. I will be first in line.

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