Driver in Saturday’s four-car wreck sent to hospital due to self-inflicted wounds |

Driver in Saturday’s four-car wreck sent to hospital due to self-inflicted wounds

A man involved in a minor four-car accident at the corner of Grand Avenue and Ninth Street over the weekend ended up being hospitalized for self-inflicted wounds after the incident, according to police.

According to Glenwood Springs Police Chief Terry Wilson, a 2005 Dodge Dakota was traveling north on Grand Saturday evening when it rear-ended a stopped vehicle. The Dakota bounced off that vehicle, shot across the intersection and into a car that was eastbound on Ninth.

The truck spun that car out and smashed into yet another vehicle, Wilson said.

“It’s an awesome display of how poorly you can operate a motor vehicle,” he said.

When officers arrived on the scene, they approached the driver of the Dakota. According to Wilson, the man let out a guttural scream, struck a Hulk-like pose and then grabbed a pair of carpet shears and stabbed himself in the neck. After stabbing himself at least twice, he keeled over and dropped the shears, according to reports.

Officers kicked the shears away and began performing first aid on the man, who was later taken to the hospital. While at the hospital, he also attacked a nurse and tried to grab her scissors, Wilson said.

As of Monday morning, Wilson said he did not know if the driver had been released from the hospital. The police department is waiting for chemical analysis before determining the final charges against the driver, but Wilson suspects an illegal substance may have been involved.

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