Driver’s licenses for illegals is nuts |

Driver’s licenses for illegals is nuts

Bob Anderson

Dear Editor,

Once again politicians are doing their best to destroy what few vestiges of security and sovereignty we citizens of this great country still have.

The signing into law by Gray Davis in California of a bill to give that state’s 2 million-plus illegals a driver’s license is not only nuts, it is dangerous.

All you need to get a license, which allows you to, among other things, buy a gun, get on an airplane, enroll in flight school (sound familiar?) and even vote, is a taxpayer ID and some other form of ID, such as the Matricula Consular card. In Los Angeles in MacArthur Park, for $90 you can buy a Mexican birth certificate or just about anything else you want.

And now Arizona wants to do the same. So now we’ll have 13 states giving driver’s licenses to illegals, which will ultimately allow them to vote. This is not a liberal versus conservative issue, either. The Arizona legislature is Republican controlled. California is Democrat.

How do you explain it then? Simple. The corporate/Libertarian right wants cheap labor which helps its bottom line. The multicultural left wants racial separatism. Therefore our professional politicians will do nothing unless we the people say we have had enough!

Politicians need to realize it is not the illegals (even if they get the vote) in this country who will keep them in office, it is the rest of us ” us pesky Americans who march only to the voting booth.

Bob Anderson

Glenwood Springs

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