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Drop-off store for eBay opens on Grand Avenue

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The online firm eBay allows consumers to sit in bed and shop for items ranging from socks, Huggies coupons and dice. Buying a product from eBay requires a few clicks and a credit card number, but selling an item on eBay isn’t so easy.Last Wednesday, Susie and Dan Kellogg of Glenwood Springs opened x-drop, an e-Bay drop-off store on Grand Ave.

Anyone who wants to sell a product on eBay can drop off the item at x-drop. The Kelloggs photograph the item, put together a marketing plan for it, ship the item to the buyer, and take care of collection and refunds.Many people know how to buy things off the Internet, but they don’t know how to sell, said Susie. “My drawback is that I couldn’t ship it,” Susie said of her experience as an eBay user.The Kelloggs have sold many personal items on eBay and Dan, who is a “computer whiz” according to Susie, knows how to circumvent eBay to match buyers and sellers.

Susie is a writer and has worked in advertising, so she builds eBay ads for the Kelloggs’ customers.The Kelloggs work on commission and look for customers with items that will sell for more than $35.They use statistical analysis to determine how long an item should be auctioned, at what price, and what the item is worth.The Kelloggs’ new company targets people who don’t know how to use eBay or don’t have the time to sell their products.

The Kelloggs plan on opening another x-drop in Aspen next April.Contact Ivy Vogel: 945-8515, ext. 534ivogel@postindependentx.com

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