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Dual-screen games available at the libraries

Emily Hisel
Garfield County Libraries
Contributed photoLast year, Garfield County Libraries began making Nintendo DS and 3DS games available for checkout.

Enjoy gaming? The Garfield County Libraries is adding more games to its collection.

In 2009, the Garfield County Libraries began to check out Nintendo Wii games to library card holders. Offering video games in libraries is a practice supported by the American Library Association (ALA), and gaming aligns with Garfield County Libraries’ own priorities. Among other things, gaming is interactive and challenging. Participants use their imaginations and creativity to explore games. Games also take fantasy to a higher level where gamers can become rock stars and treasure hunters. Often gamers go beyond just the game itself to research topics they have discovered in the game. By supporting gaming, we can attract people to this media, and also support their journeys and curiosities along the way.

The Wii games have been wildly popular at our libraries, so we wanted to expand our offerings to another gaming system. There was a survey on our website asking users to vote for the next type of games. The choices were Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo DS games. DS games received the highest percentage of the vote.

Last year, the libraries began making Nintendo DS and 3DS games available for check out. The games are free to check out, and are due in one week. Each Garfield County Library has games to choose from, but you can also put games on hold from another library in the county.

Because this is a new addition to our selection, the libraries would like to expand our collection as quickly, and as financially responsibly, as possible. We welcome donations of new and used DS and 3DS games. If you have a game you would like to donate please make sure it is in good condition (it plays well), and bring it to your local Garfield County Library. We also need cases, so please bring a case if you have one.

For more information about gaming in the libraries, visit your local library and ask for the “Why Gaming” brochure, or view it on our website.

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