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During economic downturn, vote ‘no’ on 3C

Dear Editor,The Garfield County School District and those oft-mentioned “concerned citizens” (read, parents) have been much more skillful at hiding the $2.7 million Re-2 mill levy tax among other campaign issues this year, intending it to escape consideration by what they hope is an uninformed or apathetic electorate. It’s still an excessive amount of money for frivolous school expenses such as after-school programs and increased teacher salaries. Garfield County doesn’t pay for me to learn a new sport or join a gym. But we’re all guilted into paying if the expense is “for the children.” And wouldn’t we all like to have a raise? Sure, but most of our employers can’t swing it in this economic climate. Yet we’re being asked to give the teachers one, from our own shrinking paychecks.It shouldn’t “take(s) a whole village to raise a child,” as Sarah Hess wrote (Letters, GSPI, Oct. 25); that is the sole responsibility of its parents. As one of many happily child-free residents, I resent the insinuation that one who is not mesmerized by the popular “kid-centric” slogans is somehow not a “responsible member of this village.” Sarah, I do not wish to “invest in our children.” They are your children, not mine. A voter who is not selfishly blinded by his/her own child preoccupation should vote against 3C. That is the fair and “responsible” thing to do in this economic downturn.Sincerely,Amy GardinerSiltSend a message to the school board: ‘no’ on 3A, 3B Dear Editor,For me to bother anymore to opine via the Glenwood Springs Post Independent requires unmitigated outrage. (Re-1 students, look it up.)I ask you to consider but two questions before voting on 3A and 3B.1.) Why would we reward (and encourage) a bloated administration and the touchy-feely school board for their gross mismanagement of the facilities and budget?Not too long ago, the absurdly overpaid (by some multiple) Fred Wall was selecting a glorious committee to “determine the needs of the district” or something close to that as I don’t exactly hang on his every word. And today – just before a mega tax increase opportunity – the sky is literally falling in on them?2.) What is wrong with the facilities of Re-1 matching the quality of education provided within them? It’s not the kids’ fault, but there are two famous chances – slim and none – that a “no” vote will send a message to the school board and Wall’s army of administrators.Thanks for listening to your always politically correct correspondent.Bob RichardsonGlenwood

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