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Ease up on Saturday traffic enforcement

Susan Kirkpatrick

Dear Editor,

Glenwood Springs police have a program to discourage tourism in your community. I urge the community to make a change.

On Saturday morning, Oct. 5, 2002, I left my overnight accommodations in Glenwood to drive to the second day of a meeting at River Valley Ranch. I had attended the meeting on Friday but chose to stay in Glenwood since, up until now, I preferred the community atmosphere there to the highway feeling of other communities along Highway 82.

I pulled out of 13th Street, onto Grand Avenue at about 7:40 a.m. The street did not have much traffic, save for a Glenwood police office, Mr. Rainwater, who was traveling north on 82. I stopped briefly at the stop sign before proceeding onto Grand Avenue. Officer Rainwater made a U-turn after me, put on his flashers and pulled me over. He maintained that I did not stop at the stop sign. I maintain that I stopped, albeit briefly. Our difference of opinion is really less important than the principle of the experience. Officer Rainwater wrote me a ticket for $48, delayed me from going to my meeting and gave me a sour taste for Glenwood.

As I drove south after our encounter, I saw two additional police cars with people getting tickets on Saturday morning. My ticket indicates that I can come to Glenwood for my court date on Nov. 5. I plan to pay my fine by mail, despite my dispute with the content of the ticket, because I do not want to go to Glenwood for the near term.

I travel to the Roaring Fork Valley frequently for my work. For years, I have preferred to stay, dine and recreate in Glenwood; I plan to alter my patterns for the future. Since I am the former Mayor of Fort Collins, I know how important sales and lodging tax dollars are to a community so I can do my small part to protest for your policies by taking my business elsewhere.

Please reconsider this program of traffic enforcement on Saturday mornings. While I agree and support safe travel, particularly through communities, the program I observed and experienced went beyond safety.


Susan Kirkpatrick

Fort Collins

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