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Easy to rationalize killing when the victims are strangers

Fred Franz

Dear Editor,

Every day we are bombarded by the jingoistic claptrap evident in the letters of Lynn Shore and Bob Anderson.

It is easy to rationalize death when it is some other poor schmuck’s innocent 11-year-old who gets his head blown off or has to spend the rest of his life with stumps for arms and legs.

“I can rationalize the deaths of innocents because I know it will free 25 million of their countrymen.”

Whew! I sleep much better at night knowing you can rationalize the death of innocents.

Do you think just because Saddam is gone, Iraq will miraculously embrace American-style democracy? Is Afghanistan some shining beacon on a hill in terms of freedom and democracy, or did you forget about last year’s war already?

These countries will take more than the fall of a dictator to embrace democratic reforms. They are in the grip of feudal historical forces that cannot be changed overnight.

Hey, Lynn and Bob, where is your anger at the atrocious rape, murder and maiming occurring in Africa as we speak?

Some people swallow hook line and sinker the surface images espoused in the media.

Fred Franz

Glenwood Springs

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