Educate the children or reap the consequences

Norm Bolitho

Dear Editor,

This is in response to Amy Gardiner’s letter on Oct. 21. As a society, one of the most important functions that we can perform is supporting public education, which plays a crucial role in how we see our nation and our future.

The so-called luxuries she refers to, our children, will one day grow up and lead this country into the future. I’d like to see a boat or a show horse do that.

Universal education for all citizens is a cornerstone of our democracy. The key word here is all!

Most countries don’t come close to even trying to educate all of their children. Other countries allow only their top students to continue in education past the eighth grade. Some countries refuse to educate students with special or severe needs. Public education in this country makes sure all children have the opportunity to receive an education.

I’m not sure where Ms. Gardiner received her education. If she or her parents were able to pay for private education from kindergarten through college, then she was very fortunate. In my years of experience in public education, I’ve met less than a handful of parents who could afford that.

I’d also take exception to her statement that public education is failing miserably. Exactly what data is Ms. Gardiner using to support such a claim? I guess that’s the beauty of letters to the editor ” people can say whatever they want regardless if it’s true or not.

Norm Bolitho

New Castle

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