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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

The Basalt Elementary fourth-grade team has collaborated with Roaring Fork Conservancy over the past two years to provide an entire year of watershed curriculum for students. Initially established in 2002, this strong partnership between RFC and BES exemplifies the potential for watershed education. Teachers and RFC education staff have correlated all nine monthly lessons with district essential learning outcomes for the students. These lessons help youngsters connect their indoor world to the outdoor world while exploring their local community. Lessons and field trips have included watershed mapping with the stream trailer, Ruedi Reservoir and dam field trip, mapping skills, life zone study, water history, aquatic insect study field trip, and an all-day educational River Day at Old Pond Park complete with fishing. This sequential curriculum allows students the opportunity to realize their relationship with their river and watershed. The fourth grade team includes Cathy Sartor, Danielle Chaffee, Edgar Chavarria-Salamanca, Fernando Fuentes, Kristi Wingenbach and Lynn Bopely. These teachers’ dedication to water education and the school’s cooperation in the partnership is to be acknowledged and celebrated.

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