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Election results show our democracy is toppling

Dear Editor,

Monarchy: 1. A state or government in which the supreme power is lodged in the hands of a monarch. 2. An autocracy governed by a monarch who usually inherits the authority.

More than a year ago, terrorists set out to destroy the very fabric of our nation, attempting to drive a wedge of terror into the collective American heart and rip our country asunder. With brave new initiatives and courageous use of weapons to reek mass destruction, our president, unbending, has guided us through these troubling times with a will of iron.

Now, under his wise counsel, our country has prudently elected him a republican majority in both houses of the Congress. And since both these powers work in concert to introduce chief justices to the Supreme Court, Republicans now effectively control all three civic branches of government: executive, legislative, and judiciary. Such a polarized grip on our democracy bankrupts the founding father’s original concept of a constitutional system of checks and balances, implemented to guarantee against absolute abuses of absolute power. Add to this mix a populace whipped into McCarthyesque paranoia over terrorism (which may be well deserved) and what chance have we that our government won’t pervert and abuse its power?


Pass out the life preservers, boys, this ship is listing dangerously hard to starboard, and she just may go down.

More than anything else, an unrestrained, unilateralist federal government legitimized by a consenting citizenry is the most terrifying thing I can ever imagine. I am scared for us. But not from terrorist attacks, real or otherwise. The tyrant comes first as our protector and instead of turning him out, we have made him welcome in our own homes.

I wonder now, barely a year after the WTC bombing, just how effective the terrorists were in trying to destroy America. And whether the sounds of concrete and twisted steel ripping down out of the New York skyline were not also the echo of our own fragile democracy beginning to topple.

The king is far from dead. Long live fear of the king.

Demi O. Crissy

Snowmass Village

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