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Elementary, middle-schoolers learn together

Theresa HamiltonRe-2 director of districtwide services

Ask Kathryn Senor Elementary student Autum Raethka about her school year, and she’ll tell you, “I’ve been learning.”But the KSE kindergartner has had a special experience along the way. She and the rest of her classmates have partnered with eighth-graders from Riverside as part of a service-learning project.Riverside instructors Jack Jabbour and Roselyn Carr developed the idea from some Riverside history.”When Riverside was a kindergarten-through-eighth-grade school, our eighth-graders worked with the younger children all of the time,” Carr said. “But once Kathryn Senor opened, it became harder. We really wanted to have some sort of service-learning project for our students.”So Carr and Jabbour transport their literacy students to Kathryn Senor once a week for a reading exercise. Each eighth-grader teams with a kindergartners, and the two read to each other and teach each other.”You get to learn and they get to learn,” Raethka said. “It’s fun because I like to learn.””It’s great to be with little kids,” said Riverside student Amber Lyons. “It teaches us patience and how to work with children.”The eighth-graders not only get a buddy, but they also learn about how to teach emerging readers. They must write reflective pieces on their experience, and they must develop a children’s book for their buddy, complete with dedication, complete story and author’s biography.They also learn some life skills, Carr said.”They learn responsibility. These are now their kids. They have seen that it is not easy to work with other children, but they love working with the kindergartners,” she said.Information linesIn an attempt to better communicate with the public, Garfield Re-2 is beginning to implement information lines that parents and community members can call for information about district and building events. For information about Wamsley Elementary events, please call 625-7969, Rifle High School 625-7799, Rifle Middle School 625-7942, Riverside Middle School 625-7816, Highland Elementary School 625-6795, Roy Moore Elementary 625-7865, Kathryn Senor Elementary 625-7713 and for general district information, including dates and times of school board meetings and district accountability meetings, please call 625-7650. Exceptional bus studentsExceptional bus students for November are Kathryn Senor Elementary student Kelsea Fetting from Connie Chenoweth’s Route 22, Riverside Middle School student Cody Walls from Samantha Silvius’ Route 10 and Rifle High School student Daniel Deming from Sharon Frickey’s Route 9 and Gail Coombs’ Route 15. Other nominees include: Highland Elementary student Emily Patton; Kathryn Senor students Kylie Flemming, Michael Losik, Cristian Sernaand and Destany Walker; Rifle Middle School student Tanner Fenstermacher; Riverside Middle School students Hannah Jones, Lino Magana, Annie McNeel and Wamsley Elementary students Kody Beeler, Maddie Carter, Rusty Davis, Sydney Davis, Daylan Eckley, Dylan Fleetwood, Alex Gould, Omar Gutierrez, Evin Neptun and Russell Scholfield.Dates to rememberDec. 14 – Riverside Middle School band and choir concert, 6:30 p.m.Theresa Hamilton is director of districtwide services for Garfield School District Re-2. She can be reached at 625-7621.

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