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Encore! Encore!

Encore! Encore!Dear Editor, The play the Glenwood Springs High School Drama Department graced us with last month, “Les Miserables,” was marvelous! So many compliments have been given by the community; I will not try and add to the splendid comments rendered. However, it is a shame that only a small percentage of our community had the opportunity to be blessed as we were that experienced it in its short run. We were moved to great laughter and, as well, to deep tears in understanding that a burdened soul most assuredly can be changed by the mighty love and grace of God, if so given the chance! Therefore, I propose … an encore. Why let the great ability, hard work and excellent effort that went into this event end so soon? Could there be at least one more performance for our community before school is out and those students go on to other endeavors? I know many would be willing to pay again, even more, if this is at all a possibility! Thanks for the blessing! Eddie PikerSiltHigh-quality H2O in GlenwoodDear Editor,Thank you for the article you wrote about the Red Mountain Water Treatment Plant and the people who work there. They do excellent work and deserve recognition.Contrary to your comment that consumers of Glenwood Springs water customers can’t detect the quality of their work, some of us can. Since our brewery first opened, we have examined and tested our water for every beer we’ve brewed. We know for a fact how consistent and excellent it is. Through nine years we have never had any reason to complain. Many of our colleagues in the brewing business are not so fortunate and must take expensive additional steps to treat their water. It is impossible to make good beer without good-quality water.We also want to compliment Jerry Wade for responding to requests for information that we made on past occasions. He answered our questions quickly and courteously. Congratulations to the entire crew for the awards they’ve earned. Thanks, guys!Kenneth Jonesbrewer and partnerGlenwood Canyon Brewing Co.Life near a gas wellDear Editor,What’s it like to live near a gas well? Extremely bright, high-intensity lights blaze through your bedroom curtains at night. A pulsating, rhythmic roar reverberates from machinery running full-bore, accompanied by continually idling truck engines, always loudest at night and on Sundays. Putrid, rotten-egg gas and crude oil smells pollute the morning air. Workers yell obscenities loud enough to be distinct in your backyard. Huge equipment trucks barrel down the county road imperiling residents at their mailboxes, running smaller vehicles off the road, and cratering the road surface. The continual threat of water poisoning from gas seeps hangs over your head. Once-beautiful views of the mesas have been ruined by ugly gas derricks, equipment trailers, tanks, and miscellaneous storage containers all painted in garish colors that blight the natural landscape. The final blow is delivered when you realize that you can’t even sell your house and escape, because no one will buy it. I hope that all the representatives who voted down Kathleen Curry’s bill that would have given landowners some small protections against the gas companies’ ravages are proud of themselves. I wonder which ones live in Garfield County?Amy GardinerSilt

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