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Encourage neighbors to spay and neuter pets

Grace A. Tennant

Dear Editor,

In the past week, I have personally dealt with two dead/dying felines. Not only is this very upsetting to myself and other neighbors, I realize that these pets may carry many communicable diseases. These diseases may be passed on to humans or other domestic or wild animals in the area. I realize the compassionate side of this issue. Who wants to see a beautiful animal hurt or dying right in front of themselves?

Most residents don’t know about the problem the city has with wild cats. These cats are offspring of domestic cats which belong to residents of Glenwood Springs. Our city has many happy and healthy felines. This is a wonderful thing – cats are great pets! What people do not know is the problems that arise by not having their pet spayed or neutered. A single cat “couple” may give rise to dozens of cats within a single year. These young cats are not only unwanted, they are also susceptible to many infectious diseases that can run rampant throughout a population of animals.

Upon contacting the authorities, I learned that Glenwood does nothing to control its wild population of felines. This is why I call upon all residents for help. Please . be responsible citizens. We need to keep the cat population under control. Encourage neighbors to spay and neuter pets, and encourage your local government to take action. Encourage local representatives to enact spay/neuter benefits for owners and also assistance to families that chose to be responsible by “fixing” their pet.

Thanks for your time,

Grace A. Tennant

Glenwood Springs

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