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End of the year is last chance to live artfully

This time of the holiday season, all we hear is that it is your last chance to do everything you haven’t done yet this year: last chance to shop, last chance to buy, last chance to eat a lot, last chance to dance the night away, last chance to communicate your heartful feelings to those around you. Another year passes by, and people fill the final days revisiting their accomplishments and regrets.With the final days filled with nostalgia about our lives we look ahead and plan the new grand ways we will fill the new year. Diets and exercise take first place, and all the other drastic ways to change our lives start filling the list. The details fill up the pages, our plans are laid with the best intentions and we set off on another journey of self-control and discipline.We rarely hear a gentle resolution like learning to paint our favorite scene, or sitting and taking time to practice our guitar, or feeling the need to center and throw a pot – or for that matter learn to dance as though no one is watching. Is a resolution to nurture your inner artist too frivolous to list? Is the resolution to slow down and give yourself some creative time considered shallow in this day and age of rapid transit? Is playing in the mud and clay something only children do? If we understood that the arts were as vital to our health as food and exercise we would be resolving to be the next Picasso!This year we would like to thank every artist who has shown his or her work at the Center for the Arts Gallery. By revealing a part of your soul through your artwork, you have added a bit of beauty to our community.We laud our dancers -our baby ballerinas in their pink fluff, adolescent tap and jazz dancers, adults who bellydance the night away, all the hip-hoppers and those crazy breakers who make moving through space look easy! Our potters are priceless. Our silversmiths shine! The dramatists around here are hilarious! And our budding musicians and vocalists lift your heart with their tireless effort to hit just the right note. And what can I say about the stone sculptors but that you guys rock!Without the arts, our community would be very drab and colorless. Our valley is filled with the arts in all forms and there are artists everywhere you look, whether you recognize them or not.One last thing we do each year is give to the charity of our choice. This year, we sincerely hope you will give to the arts. Take a class and learn how to share what is inside you. Take a class and learn how to do something for yourself. Give the gift of a class to someone you know is just raring to express herself. Buy art. Write a poem. Sing a song. Or write a check. But don’t miss this last chance to express your appreciation for what the arts give to our society.Sinda Wood is program assistant for the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts. Call the center at (970) 945-2414 for applications, tickets or information.

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