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End the battles

Dear Editor,

Enough! Re-1’s greatest accomplishment has been to divide friends and communities. Haven’t we all had enough of it?

While Colorado is 49th in the nation for spending on education, No Child Left Behind is forcing teachers to teach a test, and as the poverty level for children is growing, our district has kept us bound in fractured battles. It’s time to end the battles and come together in a common goal to express the qualities we want from a new superintendent. We need to establish an innovative leadership that recognizes critical issues in each of our communities and enacts solutions quickly. We need fairness. We need to be listened to.

This is our opportunity to ask our school board (Bruce Wampler, Sue Hakanson, Bob Johnson, Michael Bair and Brad Zeigel) for a nationwide search so that we can hire the best possible candidate for community involvement, and for a truly new direction of positive and open attitudes. It is time to end the status quo that has mired us in conflict.

Be proactive. Tell the school board members what you expect in a new district leader and the type of selection process you believe is fair. The quality of education our children will see in the future depends on it.

Denise Moss


Dear Editor,

Have you seen the new planters being installed on Midland Avenue? They remind me of the story of the emperor’s new clothing. Everyone knew the emperor was naked, but no one wanted to tell him because they thought they would seem foolish. Everyone knows these traffic-calming devices are foolish, but somehow this silly idea got all the way through a citizen advisory group and the city council.

These devices do nothing to calm traffic, and when winter comes, they may be hit by snowplows or a skidding motorist. Maybe we should paint targets on both ends to clearly identify the objective.

As for me, I will honk my horn every time I pass one to signify my approval of the beautification of Midland Avenue. Maybe you should, too.

Steve Damm

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

There is no doubt in the minds of many that John Roberts was the smartest man in the room during the Senate Committee hearing. The same could be said for Bill Clinton in many of the venues we watched during his presidency. Being the smartest doesn’t always mean the man is the one who should get the job.

Even though the White House has refused to release key documents, the writings contained within those that have been released are enough to warrant Roberts’ rejection.

In the wake of the federal government’s response to Hurricane Katrina, it’s never been more important that all Americans receive equal protection under the law, particularly those who are most vulnerable. John Roberts’ career has been defined by the argument that the constitution requires no such equal protection.

Roberts has opposed multiple remedies for racial injustices and has stood with the most far-right elements of the Reagan administration in opposing the rights of blacks and Hispanics to vote without first paying poll taxes or being subjected to voter intimidation or gerrymandering.

America can’t afford to have a chief justice who wants to turn back the years of hard-fought progress that guarantees equal opportunity for all Americans. This country was built on a sense of fairness, and at a time when seniors, African-Americans and Hispanics are suffering, our compassion cannot give way to indifference for the sake of political ideology.

Our moral sense of fairness and compassion for the suffering is what has defined America as a great country. This is a time for mercy and understanding and there’s no evidence that Judge Roberts has either. Shouldn’t we demand that our senators reject him?

John Gorman

Glenwood Springs

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