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Environmentalism: It’s elementary

Who says it’s not easy being green?

Doing the right thing by the earth is something any first-grader knows how to do.

Just ask them.

Mats Rosen, the one with your arm thrust sky-high, you go first.

“Save paper. Don’t let the water run,” said the first-grader at Sopris Elementary School in Glenwood Springs.

“Recycle cans and paper,” added his classmate, Kylem Nichols. “Recycle paper,” Rachel Matheson chimed in.

Maybe it’s because they’ll be living on this earth for a long time to come, but these kids could teach adults a thing or two about environmental responsibility.

“Plant flowers and trees,” advises Annie McGraw.

All four of the above children are in Connie Cooper’s class at Sopris Elementary. First- and second-graders also created Earth Day posters, now on display in a school hallway, offering a bit more elementary advice about treating the world right.

“Ride your bike or walk to school. Too many cars equals lots of air pollution,” Nathan Shirer, a second-grader, had to say in his poster. Another classmate simply drew a picture of bike wheels, letting them speak for themselves.

Second-grader Luis Antonio Perez wrote, “Turn off the light when you leave the room and always turn off the TV when you are finished watching it.”

Weighed in Fabian Avitia, also in second grade, “Use both sides of paper at school and home.”

An unsigned poster implored, “If you see trash on the ground, toss it in the trash can.”

The final school bell rang and kids filed by the posters to head home – many by hopping on the bus. The habit may not always last into adulthood, but school-goers do the green thing of partaking in mass transit from an early age.

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