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Even peaceniks changed their minds about Saddam

Cynthia Thomas

Dear Editor,

Sue Gray states in her newest letter that the United States is not actually fighting for the Iraqi people, and even when we overthrow Saddam they will be no better off.

So, she thinks that having a candidate who is U.S.-backed is worse than being lowered feet first into a plastic shredder or watching your whole family be murdered for expressing discontent with government policies?

These and many more horrific atrocities were reported by former “peaceniks” who went to Iraq to become human shields, and returned saying that the Iraqis wanted and needed us to rid them of this foul stench.

Does Ms. Gray have to worry when she writes her letters about being tortured, or her family being murdered? Of course not!

She lives in a country of freedom that was purchased by the blood of the veterans and the sons and daughters of the families that she grieves with her ignorant rhetoric.

She also has plenty to eat, a nice home and clean water. Even if she believes that Bush has a personal agenda, surely she must see that the Iraqi people deserve a better life (like the one that she has in this land of freedom).

God bless America and the young men and women who make the sacrifice so that we (and the Iraqis) can live in freedom. They deserve our prayers and our support.

Cynthia Thomas

Glenwood Springs

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