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Everybody is talking about "Sex"

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Stina Sieg
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

Right now, in newspapers across the country, there must hundreds of articles on this very topic. I’m not trying to top them or voice the mood of an entire gender here. But yes, I really do care about the “Sex and the City” movie.

It’s opening tonight, and like every girl I know, I’m all into it.

Even if you’ve never seen this show, you probably have an opinion about it. To all the non-believers, let me just say this, it matters more than you think.

I’m not always a soapbox type gal, but this is something I feel a need to defend. It’s not just the outrageous clothing, the snappy dialogue, the frequent, off-the-wall love scenes. What “Sex and the City” is all about is permission.

Come on, who doesn’t want that?

On one level, it’s absolutely focused on sex. The main characters get it on with far more partners in far more crazy circumstances than most of us would dream about. Then, of course, they talk about it all, mostly without shame. Their escapades are so colorful that they seem built solely to make women feel comfortable about their own, comparatively vanilla exploits.

There’s another aspect of this show that keeps watching and re-watching all six of its seasons, though. These characters are rife with embarrassment, and they make mistake after mistake after mistake. Their foibles are so real, persistent and unresolved, they can be painful to sit through. This is also the kind of thing you never get to see. Men, women, everyone, we’re all walking around with such fronts on us. We’re so afraid to lose face. It’s great to see these women hurdle head-first into some wince-inducing circumstances (like calling up an ex, just to leave a terribly unplanned message on his machine). You know you’ve been there, and you might be there again someday. So you feel it, completely. How validating.

I hope the movie lives up to the show’s deserved, exalted reputation. Still, even if it is eaten whole by critics, it almost doesn’t matter. The show’s memory and impact aren’t going anywhere.

And, tonight, I’m headed to the theater with a gaggle of girls, no matter what.

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