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Expand Rifle business district?

Dear Editor,Attention, Rifle residents who live between First and Seventh Street and between West Avenue and Clarkson Avenue. Do you like higher taxes without receiving anything for your money? The DDA is wanting to expand the “Rifle Business District,” and it is going to cost you taxes if they get it in. It is quite apparent that anything from Whiteriver east is definitely residential. Now if the expansion passes, how much benefit will you receive from the expansion? That is easy – none. These are our homes, not businesses. Downtown Rifle is not going to be anything more than it is right now with businesses that do not attract people to the area unless they want to drink or eat. Business has gone north or on Airport Road. There are businesses from First Street to Seventh Street and from West Avenue to Whiteriver, which encompasses the DDA at this time. If you are from Whiteriver to Clarkson and from First to Seventh and don’t want higher taxes for the DDA, attend the meeting Jan. 27 at the School Administration Building from 7-9 p.m. (food included) and protest. It might not do you any good, but stand up and be heard. Jan WalkerRiflePlease do what’s right for our communityDear Editor,Congratulations to the Glenwood Springs City Council for passing a resolution last week against drilling on top of the Roan Plateau. With strong pressure from the gas and oil industry and the Bush administration to open this spectacular area to drilling, we can be proud of our City Council for standing up and doing the right thing for our community. Let’s hope our Garfield County Commissioners will follow suit.The Roan Plateau is a very special place supporting a variety of wildlife species, rare plants, and endangered Colorado River cutthroat trout. The beauty and recreational opportunities in this region attract visitors who help support our local economy. There is absolutely no need to open the Roan to drilling at this time. Eighty-five percent of the underlying gas reserves can be accessed by drilling from the valley floor.The preferred BLM draft management plan will allow drilling on the plateau, possibly within eight years.Let your voice be heard to protect this very special place. Attend the Garfield County Commissioners hearing at 6 p.m. on Feb. 2. Write to Rep. John Salazar and Sen. Ken Salazar. Post your comments on the BLM draft plans by March 4 at their Web site, http://www.roanplateau.ene.com. For more information on the Roan issues, go to http://www.saveroanplateau.org. Bob Millette and Maggie PedersenRoaring Fork Sierra Club GroupMore Martin Luther King Day coverageDear Editor, Am I the only person who noticed an absence of any reference to Martin Luther King in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent other than a very welcome letter to the editor by Nancy Reinisch?Pat TonozziParachute

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