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Extreme ATVing and rugger envy

I found a nice way to toughen me up.On assignment for my leaf peeping story, as opposed to an article on peeping Toms, I rode up Transfer Trail in an amphibious eight-wheeled, all-terrain vehicle called an ARGO.I’ll never complain about speed bumps again.Don’t get me wrong, this was an amazingly scenic trip that took us to a place in Colorado I had never seen. The view from the Flat Tops took my breath away or was that the altitude?It’s just the ride was no leisurely Sunday drive in the park. I recommend renting an ARGO to anyone who enjoys adventure and doesn’t mind a little shake, rattle and roll in their lives. That’s everyone at The Bayou on a Wednesday night.According to our guide, Russell, we took the route once used to get to Glenwood before locomotives came to town. So, as we were bumping along, for some reason I pictured myself in a covered wagon, or maybe some other horse-and-buggy type contraption, going into labor.Without an epidural.That’ll really make a girl think about how lucky she is to live in the 21st Century and that we have rubber for our tires.

It’s happening in Aspen to boot: The 39th Annual Ruggerfest rugby tournament, Aspen. Information: http://www.aspenrugby.com/ruggerfest.htmThis is why I’d kick it up here: I’ve been waiting for this weekend all my life. OK, more like a month. But with all the excitement associated with Glenwood forming a women’s team and me attempting to somehow be a part of that I’m all about rugby lately. Except that one time I tried to tackle Coach Carrie. My face felt like it was going to fall off. I’m the epitome of contact sports. We started a team called the Jolly Roxies, but haven’t scrimmaged or played an actual game. And, sadly enough, we won’t be giving it our best college try this weekend. Watching won’t be the same as throwing myself in front of the train, so to speak, but Ruggerfest will be the perfect time to learn how the sport is really played. And afterward, I’ll learn how the sport is really celebrated. Ruggers sure know how to party.

It’s happening in Carbondale to boot: Open bluegrass jam, players and listeners of all abilities welcome, 6 p.m. Sunday, Dos Gringos Burritos, 588 Highway 133, Carbondale. Information: 704-0788This is why I’d kick it up here: Bluegrass and burritos go together like peas and carrots. I just made that up, obviously, but Dos Gringos is a pretty chill venue to check out live music. I went to a rockin’ Mardi Gras Party there once – that night there were more men dressed as women than women dressed like women. Or something like that. Anyway, come check out local bluegrass pickers getting together for the sake of homegrown music. And have a mole chicken burrito while you’re at it. No peas and carrots included.

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