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Faces of Koinonia

Stina Sieg
Post Independent Staff
Glenwood Springs CO Colorado

GLENWOOD SPRINGS ” The four artists profiled below are a few of the many local residents whose work is featured at the Koinonia 2008 Exhibit, now on display at the Glenwood Springs Center for the Arts, 601 E. 6th St. The show represents the center’s annual community exhibit, which has been a tradition for dozens of years. Fittingly, “koinonia” means community in Greek.

Starting at 6 p.m. on Saturday, the art center will host its annual meeting, where community members are invited to be a part of the center’s future plans.

After the meeting, the official Koinonia opening will be held. Several of the artists will attend, and refreshments will be provided.

Age: 58

Lives in: Glenwood Springs (originally from Boulder)

Medium: Oil on maple boards

Day job: “This is all I do.”

Why art? “It’s what I do best. Really, I think to be a painter, it’s probably just second to being a writer. You have to be comfortable being by yourself.”

What are you trying to say with your work? “I don’t know. That my time mattered.”

“I started out at it in junior high school, and most of the books I’ve ever read have been about artists or art history. My heroes have always been artists.

“I still believe that as long as you love what you do and you have a really good work ethic, there will be dividends. I completely believe in myself. I believe in myself, but it’s an artist’s life. It’s not easy. It’s not easy.”

What is the purpose of art? “Number one, I don’t think there’s anything that’s more giving. The whole thing about being an artist is to share, just be generous with

Age: 46

Lives in: Silt (originally from Glenwood Springs)

Medium: Oil

Day job: “This is what I do. I’m a painter. This is my day and night job.”

Why art? “That’s a good question. Why do anything? If you enjoy doing something, you stick with it.

“It’s taking a moment that you find beautiful and thinking that somebody else, someplace, might find it interesting as well.

“We (artists) haven’t found a cure for famine. There’s a myriad of things it (art) doesn’t do. But it does fulfill something internally. I mean, I’d be a painter, no matter what.”

What are you trying to say with your work? “There’s not one thing to say. What I think today, I might not think tomorrow. And even that’s overly simplistic.

“Really, painting is the motion of trying to make those simple, illuminating moments last forever.”

What is the purpose of art? “Part of the prospect of being human is to see something beyond yourself. It makes getting up in the morning worthwhile, whether it be art or whatever else.”

Age: 43

Lives in: Aspen (originally from Milwaukee)

Medium: Oil, mixed media, mostly on canvas

Day job: Just married to her new husband, Robert Murdock, she’s also a new mom to his children: Chelsea, 16; Madison, 15; and Christian, 19.

Why art? “I was bored. I needed something to do.”

After buying some art from a woman in Milwaukee, she decided to take classes from her as well. More than a decade later, she’s still making art.

“I’m here to say painting is fun!”

What are you trying to say with your work? “If they could all be sort of love mandalas or healing mandalas that could bring joy to someone’s day ” an emotional, positive reaction.”

How does your art affect you? “When I paint, it’s sort of like a meditation or prayer.”

“It’s great when the magic happens. I think that is what keeps me going ” the magic of creativity.”

What has kept you painting? “I think it’s really therapeutic. If I go into the studio in a not-so-good mood, I come out feeling much better.”

What is the purpose of art? “Healing.”

Age: 77

Lives in: The Frying Pan River Valley

Medium: Oil, pastels

Day job: Retired, a former travel agent, teacher and “regional display manager” for United Airlines

Why art? “I had painted before, but I had done pottery for years. The Frying Pan Valley is just unbelievably beautiful. …I don’t know. It’s always been sort of a hobby, but Lord knows I’ve never tried to make a living at it. It’s a way of expression, and I’m too lazy to write.”

What are you trying to say with your work? “I’m trying to express the beauty that I see or the mood. If I could say it better, I’d be a writer, not a painter.”

What is the purpose of art? “Oh, to stimulate imagination.”

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