Failure to pursue renewable resources means a dim future |

Failure to pursue renewable resources means a dim future

Dear Editor,

(This letter was originally addressed to President Bush.)

For as long as I can remember, my dream has been to own my own little piece of land with horses and a place to grow my herbs. Finally, at 42, I was able to purchase 21 acres and put a home on it. We bought two horses and I started experimenting with my gardens in order to grow the medicinal herbs that I make healing tinctures and salves from.

My husband and I believe that in order to leave a world worth living in for our children, we all must begin to conserve what we have and live with respect for the earth. Based on that we have been working on plans to build a straw bale house (energy efficient, uses renewable resources, etc.) and have been researching which wind generator and solar panels we will be buying in order to take our land off the grid.

I guess I should have known better when I could look across the highway (about 4 miles as the crow flies) and see gas wells burning night and day, and when I only received 50 percent of my mineral rights when I purchased my land, that the chances of the gas companies forcing their way onto my precious property would happen one day. Now it appears that it is going to happen. To say that I am distressed would be a huge understatement.

Why are we developing the few remaining gas and oil reserves that we have left? We all know that they will only last a short time – they will certainly run out before my daughter (9 years old) passes away from old age.

I do not want to be dependent on any other country to supply our gas and oil.

The question that I ask over and over again is: Why don’t we spend the money we use currently on developing oil and gas in this country on renewable resources like the wind and sun?

We could replace every lost oil/gas job with a job in the renewable energy field. The only answer I can come up with is MONEY. So to keep the oil and gas executive happy, and in the money, we are going to devastate our earth and leave nothing for the children of the future. SHAME ON US!

I’m going to continue with my plans for getting my family off the grid and I will continue to fight for this earth. I thought about trying to sell my land (who would buy it now that they know what the neighborhood is going to look like – covered in burning gas, noxious odors, and drilling pits?), but where to go? We can’t spend our life moving from place to place.

I wish you could have been there last weekend when my husband, daughter and I drove around the gas fields on the other side of the highway. We wanted to see what our future was going to look like. Our daughter has been crying on and off ever since.

What would it take to convince you, as the president of the United States, to change your course to conservation and to appropriating sufficient funding for the development of renewable resources? I really want to know.


Mindy Kittay

and Mike Woelke


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