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Falling into fall

April in Glenwood
April E. Clark
Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO
April E. Clark

I used to think summer was my season.

I prefer being hot rather than cold. I love floating on the river. And I’ve developed a special relationship with a certain pair of kelly green shorts I would wear every day if I could.

Nobody’s actually stopping me.

I’m well aware of the fashion faux pas of wearing summertime shorts in the winter. Luckily there’s still fall to rock the green shorts. They look great on the golf course, and not too bad with a cozy sweater and tall boots.

Yes, I cope with the seasons changing with fashion possibilities.

Summer is fun. The season is based on it. Kids are out of school so it’s family vacation time. The days are longer so there’s more time to go to the pool or float the river. The problem with summer is it’s too darn short. As soon as I realize I’m having fun, it’s almost done.

Sounds like my college years.

Fall always seems to sneak up on me, every year. One day I’m dancing in the hot sun at Mountain Fair and the next I’m wearing those thick slipper socks to bed I get for Christmas every year.

Yes, I just admitted that.

Of course the leaves changing from green to brilliant shades of red, yellow and orange is the most visible sign fall has taken over summer like the bigger digit in a thumb-wrestling bout. I always feel a sense of dread when I start to see all the brightly colored foliage fall from the trees.

I become anxious because I know the cold is near. I also internally know that I will be going into bear mode. This means I will start unconsciously eating copious amounts of food to bulk up for the winter.

Meaning my jeans get a lot tighter.

The strange thing about this bulking-up phase is I will not be hibernating all winter. I will not be living in a cave. My body temperature will not be considerably dropping. I will not need to conserve my energy by sleeping for days, or months, because food is scarce.

There is a new Whole Foods just down the road solely for that purpose.

Most likely I will use the fat I’ve stored this fall for energy to ski. Or bowl. Maybe to ice skate, but only if I have someone to couples skate with me.

What fun is it if I can’t take someone down with me?

Another behavior I’ve noticed I take on in the autumn is to heavily evaluate my past season’s accomplishments to gauge my purpose in life. I am quite contemplative, after all. Much like the female version of “The Thinking Man.”

With clothes, too.

No matter our roles in life, we’re all here for a reason. I’m always looking to make some kind of mark. Preferably more of a pretty sidewalk-chalk impression than a permanent red wine stain.

I fall somewhere in between, more like white wine spritzer.

Looking back over the summer months, I definitely didn’t work myself into a stressed-out sick mess like I had been doing in the last few years. Because work no longer defined me, I allowed myself to define my work. I took a totally different approach to life, and made a pledge to myself that I would write more from the heart.

Even if it is with sidewalk chalk.

I honed my emceeing skills by getting out in public more. I announced all the bands the Saturday of Mountain Fair – quite an honor. Of course there were costume changes that didn’t include the green shorts.

I also emceed a punk rock show in Glenwood, allowing me an awesome pin-up style hairdo, thanks to my friend Dee. I also had three different costume changes, and the chance to hang out back stage with punk rockers. In my backstage experience, punk rock guys and girls are my favorites. They are cool as can be to hang out with, and once they’re on the stage they aren’t afraid to say what they mean.

In that world, a bad reputation isn’t such a bad thing.

For the first time, I emceed Potato Day this year. Add that to Dandelion Day and Mountain Fair, and that’s a Carbondale emcee trifecta. Despite my you-get-to-go-first nerves, I competed in a joke-off, aka comedy contest, in Basalt. I didn’t win, but at least I tried a couple of new jokes in preparation for my own comedy variety show coming up Oct. 13 in Carbondale.

That should definitely leave a mark.

Fall has definitely become my season.

“April in Glenwood” appears every Wednesday. April E. Clark will be sporting the dirndl, traditional dress worn in Germany, at this weekend’s Oktoberfest celebration in Carbondale. She can be reached at aprilelizabethclark@gmail.com.

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