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Famous people have it too easy in our judicial system

Dear Editor,

Recently I have seen Carolyn Kennedy on TV talking about her book “Profiles in Courage For Our Time.”

She writes, or has a noted person write, about people who have made a difference because of their courage.

I also admire her for her courage to carry on her father’s idealism.

Jimmy Carter is also my idea of a courageous person.

I point these two people out to bring about my reason for writing about my thoughts on the judicial system.

Some time ago the Post Independent had an article about the hockey player who was clocked speeding at 102 miles per hour. To my way of thinking, he got off way too easy.

A hearing by phone? I was told a person on trial had to be heard in person in front of a judge. This was the reply that I got when I suggested the jail be built in Rifle, and hearings proceeded by TV to cut down on travel to and from Rifle.

It will be interesting to see if Veronica Elizabeth Reyes, who was speeding on Interstate 70 near Silt, will be treated with the same consideration. Of course, she did have to go.

Dominick Dunne has raised the question, “Do the rich and famous have it easier than the rest of us in the criminal court system?” This taken from Parade magazine insert of the Post Independent Sunday, June 16, 2002.

Examples, O.J. Simpson case, Ramsey case, the pending Stagner case of Rifle. Why this big trial when most of us know he is guilty?

Let us all take a look at our lives to see if we can make the world we live in a better place, a more fair place.

Patricia A. Tonozzi


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