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FBLA to give ink cartridges, pop tops better fate than dump

Siam Luu
Special to the Post Independent

Whirr. Whirr. Click. Uh-oh . that wasn’t supposed to happen . Oh well, guess the printer is out of ink now. But, what do you do with an empty, ol’ ink jet cartridge?

Well, you plant it under the ground with hopes that it would sprout new ink jet cartridges, but more sensibly, you could store them empty ink jet cartridges in the trash for safekeeping.

This year, in an attempt to be more eco-friendly, Future Business Leaders of America has dispatched a small but dedicated group to go out and retrieve these lost cartridges. By collecting these cartridges, FBLA can and will put them to good use by recycling the cartridges and reusing them for a project.

After all, recycling does the same as storing in garbage, but with more positive outcomes. As such, you could help these students in their arduous objective in a simple way. If you have any used ink jet cartridges that you plan on not needing or burying, donate them to FBLA; we will make you proud to have given up your ink jet cartridge for a great cause.

What a great organization FBLA is! But wait, there’s more. While some members are out hunting the lost cartridges, there are others who are attempting to locate pop tops. That’s right, pop tops.

No, not the little plastic cap that you twist off of a plastic bottle of soda hoping to win free products with, but the actual aluminum device that pushes a hole into a 12-ounce can.

The local chapter of FBLA is attempting to fill gargantuan bags full of these little things that we all love to break off anyways. After all, anybody can fill up a trash bag with aluminum cans, but the real trial would be a bag teaming with only POP TOPS!

But, where can they find these pop tops? They could drink pop until their teeth turn green, but that isn’t the goal. Basically, if you have any of these pop tops that you would like to share, please do not hesitate to donate.

Let’s help them out and do what we can! Let’s load up our empty ink jet cartridges and our pop tops and store them not in the trash for safekeeping, but with the FBLA organization.

There are indeed many places and ways where you may drop any of these off should you decide you no longer want them. You may begin simply by dropping them off in the office at Glenwood Springs High School, or you could give Mrs. Whiting a call at 384-5587 and we’ll be by to pick them up at a designated time.

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