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FCC ruling could choke diversity of ideas

John Hoffmann

Dear Editor,

Some folks have wondered about the discrepancy in viewpoints shown between conservatives and liberals. Could the difference be information source?

Associated Press, the major source for American media – TV, corporate newspaper, corporate magazine and corporate radio – plays a focused, singular point of view.

People desiring a deeper understanding of events must conduct research beyond media. Alternative sources like universities, libraries, Internet, community radio/papers and personal experience are gems of information. The knowledge accrued can be disheartening but valuable for creating an America that nurtures liberty and justice for all. Without a wide information base we are bound to be less effective as thoughtful U.S. citizens.

Currently the FCC is in the process of changing media ownership rules that will make it possible for a single entity to own all the broadcast outlets in a single area. This will impart huge persuasion powers to an unaccountable few.

Please call your Representatives and asked them to discourage this freedom-crushing move to consolidate corporate control of Americas’ information base, “The News.”

Please ask for rules supporting a democratic diversity of ideas.

Rep. McInnis: 202-225-4761 Sen. Nighthorse Campbell: 202-224-5852

Sen. Allard: 202-224-5941


John Hoffmann


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