Fighting Bieber Fever with the boys |

Fighting Bieber Fever with the boys

April E. Clark
Post Independent
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
April in Glenwood

Christmas is known for bringing out the kid in all of us. But this Christmas, the kids brought out the true person in me.

My two close girlfriends, Megan and Lynne, with whom I spent most time over the holidays, have four boys who are now 8, 8, 10 and 11. The boys – Ethan, Cameron, Colin and Nolan, in their respective birth order – will always have a special place in my heart. Of course Meg and Lynne aren’t my biological sisters, but it sometimes seems as if we’re family when we are together.

Fights, tears, laughter, sharing clothes and all.

I was there when all of the boys were born. I had to meet them as soon as they were welcomed into the world. Who could miss that? Well, I missed the actual birthing part. I can be a little squeamish around labor pains.

I’ll save that for my own experience.

Megan was the first in our tight-knit group of girlfriends to marry. She was second to have her son, Cam. I remember the moment before she was about to start pushing and Lynne and I were stepping out of the room. She squeezed my hand so hard I could feel the fear and the joy move from her hand to mine. That moment that was so intense, I tear up just thinking about it.

Childbirth can have that effect.

After Lynne had her first son, Ethan, who was first in the birth line, she was feeling the exhaustion. But she still had time to crack a joke and say, “I am woman, hear me roar” before quickly drifting off to sleep. She always made me laugh, from the time we were roommates to last week when she said she had pulled a muscle in her neck dancing to her sons’ new Kinect Xbox 360 game, Dance Central. She was dancing to “Evacuate the Dance Floor,” by the German band Cascada.

“I literally had to evacuate the dance floor,” she said.

I was cracking up, and I don’t tell her nearly enough that she has always made me laugh.

And I’m the one who goes by comic.

When Megan’s second son, Nolan, was born, I knew he would be funny just like his mom. She has made me laugh until I’ve cried. Sometimes, when desperate times call for desperate measures, we cry until we laugh. On our way home from a sledding road trip last week in Indiana, I was asking Nolan, who is 8, about Justin Bieber. I’m not exactly hip to what 8-year-olds like. I should’ve known it’s the girls who have Bieber Fever.

Adam Ant had the same effect on me.

He was poking fun of Justin Bieber – like most males do I’ve discovered, no matter what their age – and he called him Justin McFart-a-lot. Of course Megan the Mom had to come in with a, “Hey, watch it,” but the two girls in the front seats of the car were trying to hold back the laughter. Of course he explained this by adding, “Because he farts a lot when he sings.”

Boys will always love toilet humor. And admittedly me, too.

When I brought Lynne’s boys, Ethan and Colin, their gifts, a couple of snowboarding hats for the next time they’re in Colorado, they of course had me on the dance floor trying Dance Central. I was new to the whole Kinect for Xbox 360 experience, which I have to say is technology I’d enjoy having at home myself.

That game easily brought out the kid in me.

Unfortunately, I accidentally chose “Crank That” by Soulja Boy as my song. Ethan, the 11-year-old, warned me it was difficult. And it was. I mastered at least one of the song’s dance moves. I was out of breath by the time I ran through the whole song. And I finished with about 30 percent completed dance moves. I had the boys laughing, though.

That will always be music to my ears.

April E. Clark suddenly wants an Xbox 360. She can be reached at

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