Fine food for Glenwood Springs’ furry residents

New pet store opens that caters to healthier pet diets

Mike and Stacey Polzin inside their newly opened Mountain Dog Pet Supply store in south Glenwood Springs.

A new pet store in Glenwood Springs serves food that even humans couldn’t turn their nose up at. 

“It’s all natural, minimally processed, all natural supplements and minerals in it, nothing synthetic,” said owner, Mike Polzin a native from Grand Junction.

Mountain Dog Pet Supply just opened in South Glenwood Springs, and they specialize in healthy food and unique treats. 

Polzin said he does a lot of research on the food he purchases to provide the healthiest and most nutritious food free of additives and anything synthetic or unhealthy for your furry family members. 

“I’ve been trying to do this for years,” he said “I love dogs, I’m infatuated with dogs and animals.”

He explained that when he and his wife, Stacey Burns, both got the younger of their two dogs, Elway, he had a lot of digestive issues. When consulting with their vet, who was known for taking a more holistic approach, she chose to try diet changes instead of medications. 

A display of dog treats at the newly opened Mountain Dog Pet Supply store in south Glenwood Springs.
Chelsea Self/Post Independent

They noticed results almost instantly, and the healthier change in diet brought back a lot of youthful play for their zoomie loving older dog, Flynn. Now, Polzin wishes to spread those same healthy practices to help other pet owners. 

He and Burns said they receive constant compliments for how well both of their dogs look for being nine and 11 years old. 

Both pets are German shepherd mixes, and they both work at the shop. 

There is Flynn or “Fast Randy” the senior, quality-control specialist and the lead customer-service representative; and, there is Elway or “Stewie Diablo,” head of security and loss-prevention specialist. 

Flynn is the highly active 11-year-old who still loves the zoomies, and Elway looks tough but likes a good head scratch and a treat delivered straight to him, said Polzin’s wife Stacey Burns.

Inside the newly opened Mountain Dog Pet Supply store in south Glenwood Springs.
Chelsea Self/Post Independent

They won’t always be in the shop, but there might be occasional special appearances. 

Unique and eye-catching treats line the inner shelves with chewables like cow intestines, elk antlers and gator skin. 

“Our main focus is trying to push people into the raw foods,” Polzin said. 

Two freezers cover the wall, packed with healthy, frozen raw food that resembles hamburger patties and raw delectable bites of meat more than any typical kibble. 

There are natural bathing soaps and supplements along with outdoor gear and doggy CBD. 

Be sure to go into the shop, so you can enter their raffle which will be giving away all Ruff gear, like a dog or pet bed, and check out Facebook to find pictures of Flynn and Elway hard at work.

Hours and location

Hours are Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

3110 Blake Ave. Suite A, Glenwood Springs

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