Fire victim finds much to be grateful for |

Fire victim finds much to be grateful for

Dear Editor,

When the Coal Seam” firestorm crossed the Colorado River and destroyed my home on June 8, I was out of town. But if I had been in Glenwood there is a 99 percent chance I would have been at my home when the fire came. In July 1994 I was home and on site for the duration of that very tragic event. To have experienced another firestorm that was much more intense and dangerous than the first one may have cost me my life.

It seems almost impossible to me that the fire didn’t destroy all of West Glenwood and downtown as well. Everyone was at great risk, especially those on the front lines trying to stop the blaze, but to control something of that intensity is next to impossible.

When I came back to town around June 18, I saw the destruction. I smelled the ash, and felt the pain and sorrow one does after such an event. But what I feel now, and will always, is a new sense of humility and gratefulness for the kindness shown me. Some knew I lost my home and possessions and others did not, but I sensed a closeness and true caring from everyone I came in contact with.

I do want to thank, with sincerity, all the people of Glenwood and others who made a contribution to the Coal Seam Relief Funds. I have learned firsthand that disasters of this nature create expenses one doesn’t anticipate and they come often. The $3,200 I have received from the Coal Seam relief funds has helped me get through a difficult time.

I also want to thank Sally and Tom of the Ponderosa Cabins for providing me a cabin for the first three days I was back in town, at no charge, and then making another cabin available to me, when many others probably needed an affordable place to live more than I did. Denny Swanson of True Value gave me and the other total loss victims a $500 merchant’s certificate. The Red Cross provided me with $350 – and much-needed words of encouragement. Copy-Copy helped me with my photocopying needs.

I will move forward – we all have to, no matter how difficult the task. Life is so very precious. I will be reminding myself daily of this from now on. We all have so very much to be thankful for.


Ric Dever

Glenwood Springs

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