Firefighters to burn slash piles on Lookout Mountain |

Firefighters to burn slash piles on Lookout Mountain

Smoke may be visible east of Glenwood Springs this fall or winter when crews from the Upper Colorado River Interagency Fire and Aviation Management Unit burn slash piles generated from a Bureau of Land Management fuels reduction project on Lookout Mountain.

About 200 slash piles were generated last year from thinning mountain shrubs to reduce the risk of wildfire near the Lookout Mountain communications site. The piles were allowed to dry and are now ready to burn. Firefighters will wait for favorable conditions to ignite the piles and expect to complete the burning in two days.

“We look for days when conditions are good for safe, effective burning and dispersing smoke away from area communities,” said Chad Sewell, fuels specialist for the Bureau of Land Management Colorado River Valley Field Office.

Anyone with health conditions that may be affected by short durations of smoke should contact Sewell at 970-876-9030. Prescribed fire smoke may affect your health. For more information, see

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