First step, admit your addiction to oil |

First step, admit your addiction to oil

Dear Editor,

You never disappoint, do you, Mr. Moolick. If you’re not calling people who believe in clean, renewable energy “ding-a-lings and dreamers,” you’re calling antiwar demonstrators chickens. More recently, in your Nov. 15 Post Independent letter you suggest that Mr. Anderson should back up his words by simply swearing off of gas and the use of his automobile. If only it was as simple as you make it sound.

I believe the majority of people realize it is not that simple for one reason, and that reason is that there are very few alternatives to the average middle-income person, let alone lower-income people. However, if it were as simple as you make it sound and if there were better alternatives more widely available, you can bet the majority of people in developed and developing nations would begin shifting away from fossil fuels in a huge way.

The average person knows that a “simple” decision not to use fossil fuels may mean freezing to death in the winter or not being able to provide for their families because they can’t get to and from work. A lot of people who take your position are at least willing to admit the playing field is far from level and the oil and gas industries, along with their political friends, have done quite well to captivate their audience. Some would even say we look more like hostages of the fossil-fuel industries than just a captive audience. Of course, I would not lump you into that group, Mr. Moolick. I could see you riding that fossil fuels ship down until it is far beyond saving; even then I have a feeling you would prefer a life preserver filled with coal.

The more likely reality is, you or I will probably not get to witness any real meaningful major change in our lifetime. Change of this magnitude could take 50 to 100 years to come about, especially with the powers that be in Washington, D.C., today. Just because your generation or my generation may not be around when the majority of energy being used is from renewable sources rather than from fossil fuels does not give us reason to blindly consume most of this planet’s accessible fossil-fuel resources, not without making a real, meaningful, honest effort to direct our nation’s focus away from fossil fuels and toward better alternatives.

Through political and corporate greed we have become a nation of fossil fuel addicts, and Cheney, Bush and you, Mr. Moolick, are beginning to look more like pushers than just mere supporters of those industries.

On a smaller, more personal scale, I know that many people like myself are doing what is within our own individual grasp to reduce our nonrenewable fuels consumption. For the average everyday person like myself, it is not an easy task, it takes time and a great deal of effort and investment. But like most addicts, the first step on that road to recovery is admitting that you actually have a problem. As a nation we have yet to admit we have an addiction.

I have an idea, though, Mr. Moolick. Maybe a man with your background and influence can make even more of a difference than us dreamers. Maybe you could admit your addiction to oil in a letter. Yeah, that’s it; don’t worry about what your friends may think. Aaahhww, who am I kidding? I don’t expect you to change. I don’t know if I really want you to. Who else could write those oh-so-entertaining letters except you?

Hey, the Enron, Cheney, Bush Energy Policy is coming up for a vote soon. Maybe you could write a letter about how much money the oil, gas, and coal development industries will be getting from us taxpayers, and then maybe you could compare that money with the relatively miniscule amount of money the energy conservation and renewable energy programs will be getting, if any at all, then maybe you could throw in a sentence or two about those peace-lovin’ chickens, ding-a-lings, and dreamers and how it is our patriotic duty to consume and waist massive amounts of oil. You know, so our military will have something to do far into the future, or so other nations don’t get their grubby little hands on it before we do, or something.


Brian Schwarz

New Castle

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