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Jamie Bowman OlsonE-mail address: 28 School, grade and subject: GSES, fourth grade (all subjects)Family Information: husband, Bryce, 29Teaching experience: four yearsWhy are you a teacher? If you worked in another profession before teaching, why did you change? I am a teacher because I love working with children. There is so much we can learn from kids. They are still bright-eyed and eager to learn, and they want so much to please you. I had a great experience as a student in public schools, and I want to try to give my students the same experience.What do you like most about teaching? My favorite thing about teaching is the relationships I develop with my students. For eight hours every day, we are a family, and I love the fact that my students are excited to see me in the morning and to tell me things that are going on in their life. I don’t know of another job that brings with it 26 hugs a day!What do you do in your free time? I enjoy skiing, mountain biking, rafting, making jewelry, and spending time with family and friends.What’s your favorite lesson to teach? I love teaching reading. I love getting students excited about a book and discovering together every day. I use chapter books to teach literacy instead of the basal reader, and then I integrate the necessary or relevant skills into our study of the novel. The kids get really invested in their reading and become excellent literary analysts. Every year they discover something new in a book I’ve read 20 times! It’s an exciting thing to witness and be a part of.What was your favorite teacher like? My favorite teacher was my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Roller. She was, at the time, different from any other teacher I had experienced. She was kind and funny, and she loved to laugh with us. Her lessons always allowed for some creativity on our part. Although I don’t remember much about that year, I remember loving school and idolizing my teacher.What is something interesting about you that no one else knows? I don’t know if there is anything about me that no one else knows; my life is an open book to anyone who will listen! If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and who would you take with you? I think I would probably go to Greece or Italy with a group of girlfriends. (I’d take my husband, but neither of us are particularly good travelers!) I would love to be surrounded by the amazing history of those countries. There is something about old, historic places that humbles me. What do you most miss about being a kid? I miss being oblivious to political issues. As a teacher, I am so affected by governmental decisions made about education by people who are far removed from our schools. It is frustrating to know in your heart what is best for kids and then be forced to do the opposite. Sometimes I wish that I could go back to a time where the only decisions that truly impacted my world were those made by my parents and teachers – people who loved me and made decisions in my best interest.Each Tuesday the Post Independent will feature a teacher from a private school, Roaring Fork School District Re-1, Garfield School District No. 16 or Garfield School District Re-2. Each Tuesday the Post Independent will feature a teacher from a private school, Roaring Fork School District Re-1, Garfield School District No. 16 or Garfield School District Re-2.

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