Five Minutes With … A hot springs pool owner |

Five Minutes With … A hot springs pool owner

Timekeeper: Pete Fowler

Name: Henry “Hank” Bosco

Age: 86

Birthplace: Glenwood Springs

Occupation: Hot Springs Lodge and Pool president and board chairman

Tell me about your family’s history here. My father moved here in 1912 from Camerano, Italy. He had an uncle who had immigrated here from Italy to Buena Vista as a hard rock miner. His uncle moved to New Castle to work in coal mines and later bought some property and built the Star Hotel. That was where the brewpub is. My dad eventually acquired it (and later sold it in 1973.) I was born and raised in the Star Hotel. My family had a little apartment there.

What was your first job? At the Star Hotel. I used to help out around the kitchen doing little things when I was probably 10 or 12 years old.

Your best job? I think it’s here at the hot springs pool. My career here has been most enjoyable.

How did you first get ownership in the hot springs pool? The man who owned the Hotel Colorado, the vapor caves and the pool was named Frank Kistler. After World War II the Navy gave it back to him. They’d used it as a Navy convalescent hospital. He sold the pool to about 22 local businessmen in 1956. My dad was part of that group and so was I.

How many owners are there now? Now there are about 86 shareholders.

What’s the philosophy of the ownership? Over the years it’s been our philosophy to just plow most of the profits back into the property.

What happened with finishing a new multi-million dollar spa around the time the national economy started taking a dive? We started demolition a year ago in October after several years of planning and all of our pro forma and financial statements showed it could be a success. Of course we had no idea the economy was going to go to pot like it did. … The spa has been successful but we might have put it on hold for a year or so had we known what the economy was going to do. A spa is a luxury item so if people have to tighten their belts it’s probably something they could live without.

What is the best vacation you’ve gone on? Probably to Italy, and I have some relatives in Argentina.

Best piece of advice or a cliche to live by? I kind of followed in my dad’s footsteps. He was very active in community affairs and he always said, ‘Everything you’ve got you owe to this town and don’t ever forget to give back to it.’ So I did. I served on City Council for 2 terms, the planning and zoning commission, the chamber, the board that built the first Valley View Hospital, and I’ve been involved in various fundraising efforts. (Bosco’s father was a volunteer firefighter for around 20 years and served on City Council for around 10 to 12 years, among other things.)

What memories stick out to you from growing up in Glenwood Springs? Glenwood was just a small town. There were hardly any automobiles. Only the bankers and doctors owned an automobile. It was not bumper to bumper like it is today.

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