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‘Folkers’ should redirect efforts

Dear Editor:The Global Folks are not happy!When Carbondale Town Council rejected their “last rites” code amendment, the gloves came off. Senior Folker Mike Chamness called the action “gutless.” Other Folkers worry that Chamness and fellow Folker Bob Schultz may have wasted a year of hard work.While this would be tragic, these gents likely gleaned a considerable amount of personal satisfaction from their efforts. Besides, they received major kudos from a variety of interests throughout the valley. Several other Folkers have chastised the town board for failing to support the recommendation submitted by a close vote from Planning and Zoning. Would these Folkers have applauded the trustees for their support if the P&Z decision had been one vote the other way?This week’s winner of the dumb Folker award is clearly Ed Eaton of Carbondale. Ed savagely attacked Mayor Randy in all the local papers, and compared him to Court TV’s Judge Judy. Admittedly, Randy is a fairly eloquent young fellow who runs a very efficient meeting and doesn’t take any crap from the crowd. But Judge Judy? C’mon Ed, anyone with a brain would recognize that Randy resembles Doctor Laura much more than he does Judge Judy.Longtime residents of Carbondale would likely agree that this issue has divided our community more than any issue in recent memory. Only Doc Phillip’s dopey dope legalization crusade could rival this conflict. It is now time for the Global Folks to join others in the community and use their considerable talent, energy and resources to attract new business to our economically troubled town. It is time to unite.Onward through the fog!Dick BradleyCarbondale

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