Foreigners take advantage of U.S.

Marc Richardson

Dear Editor,

The three most common reasons given for using a bogus Social Security number: Too many taxes, they don’t do nothing, and I have another number to pay taxes. The first two are obvious. The third is another example of how foreign nationals are taking advantage of our government.

When they wiped their feet on our Constitution at entrance, they were never told that in our country we live by the “not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” rule. But then again, this isn’t their country. That would explain the total lack of respect for our laws and, in fact, Americans.

We can patrol borders an ocean away but we don’t patrol our own to protect our sovereign laws from foreigners who would defraud us. Homeland Security took over the INS for good reasons but with no results concerning immigration. Is this not a form of terrorism, to bog down our government with millions of de-facto national identities yearly that are not worth the paper they are written on? After 9-11?

Does this mean that our federal and state tax laws are no longer applicable because they are not equally enforceable? No! Does our system suck? No, immigration sucks! It’s not about nationalities, it’s about color: red, white and blue.

Marc Richardson


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