Forget T-shirt wearer, look in mirror |

Forget T-shirt wearer, look in mirror

Dear Editor,

This is in response to David Petechuk in Rifle. Now, for one I do understand if a person doesn’t want young, impressionable minds reading a vulgar shirt. But reality check, buddy, sheltering your children from the world will not better them as people, but rather make things harder for them later in life when they are hit with that reality you sheltered them from.

I would suggest if your daughter saw that shirt, that you would explain your feelings about it to her so that she may understand rather than not know.

You speak of ignorance? Well, take a look in the mirror. Were you that sheltered as a child that simple words on a shirt could offend you so? Maybe your shock is a sign of your age rather than your claim of superiority over those who take advantage of their right to freedom of speech.

On another note, why do you feel the need to judge someone by their shirt, or why must you judge them at all? Why would you allow another’s form of free expression to affect your emotions as you did?

Yes, there are things I encounter which bother me mildly, but I don’t allow them to really get to me or upset me. Things like this are not worth your time, energy or emotions. Or is this just an attempt at making a spectacle of you? What his shirt says is really not as important as what you overanalyzed it to be, and the same goes for your opinions of it.

So in conclusion, I urge you to quit pointing your fingers at other people and their fashion statements. Your reaction to another is only a reflection of yourself. And if you are worried about your daughter, just explain how and why the shirt is bad so she may make a wise judgment and interpretation when Daddy’s not there to shelter her from the world.

Colette Quattrone

Glenwood Springs

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