Former McCain POW cellmate rallies GarCo Republicans |

Former McCain POW cellmate rallies GarCo Republicans

John Gardner
Post Independent Staff
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Chad Spangler Post Independent

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado ” Garfield County Republicans held a rally at Glenwood Springs High School in support of Republican presidential nominee John McCain Saturday morning. The keynote speaker was former Air Force Colonel, prisoner of war and cellmate of McCain, Thomas H. Kirk. He spoke in support of McCain and to rally Garfield County Republicans leading up to the November election.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m concerned with the Republican party in Colorado,” Kirk said. “I don’t see enough action, I don’t see enough work. We should have 5,000 here today instead of two or three hundred.”

In actuality, there was around 100 people who came to Saturday’s event. The crowd included several prominent Republicans including Garfield County Commissioner John Martin, county commissioner candidate Mike Samson and State Representative Al White.

Martin is running against Democrat Stephen Bershenyi, Samson’s Democratic opponent is Steve Carter and Al White is running against Democrat Ken Brenner for the State Senate District 8 seat.

Kirk’s main point of telling those in attendance about why he thinks McCain is the right man to be president came across loud and clear.

“John believes more deeply in this country and our system and our way of life than almost anybody I’ve ever met,” Kirk said. “And he believes, at the very depth of his being, that this country needs him right now. And I believe him. I know of nobody since Ronald Reagan that could do the job like I believe John McCain will do.”

Kirk said that McCain is the right man to reunite the Republican party, also commenting on how McCain is not four more years of the same George W. Bush administration. A comparison Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama has made frequently in his campaign.

“It bothers me tremendously when the Democratic party wants to blame everything on George Bush, and wants to try to tie John McCain to George Bush. We need to stand up and say, ‘wait a minute’,” Kirk said. “Now I’m going to say something that you may or may not like, or agree with, I don’t fault George Bush for what he’s done, I fault him for what he hasn’t done. He hasn’t united the Republican party to get the things done we need.”

Kirk, spoke extensively on his time as a POW with McCain during the Vietnam War giving credit to and defending McCain’s character while criticizing Obama, saying that he is “concerned” because “Obama has so much (campaign) money and has made so many claims that are just bold faced lies.”

He was also concerned as to why so many “young people” seem to be attracted to Obama.

“When you find someone that you know is going to vote for Obama, ask them why?” Kirk asked. “You will find in many of them, no answer. The man (Obama) is what I call an empty suit.”

Glenwood Springs resident Willis Basset was impressed by Kirk’s remarks.

“We need men like the Colonel and McCain to lead our country,” Basset, 72, said after Kirk’s speech. “I think McCain has the experience and has been through it and knows what can happen to America if we sit on our haunches and do nothing. I think (McCain) is a great man.”

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