Four chihuahuas casualties of Carbondale crime spree |

Four chihuahuas casualties of Carbondale crime spree

Authorities still have no suspects in a string of incidents early Sunday morning that included a torched trailer home and a stolen pickup truck that was set on fire. Though no people were injured in Sunday’s rampage, four chihuahuas died in the trailer fire, said Garfield County Sheriff’s Detective Don Breier.He said Tuesday that people have provided the Sheriff’s Department with “a number of informative bits of information” but nothing detailed enough to nail down a suspect. He said the department is hoping to have a suspect in hand by the end of the week. The Colorado Bureau of Investigations has joined local authorities in the investigation. When the trailer was set on fire Sunday, the family living there – Jose Castillo and Guadalupe Garcia and their children – were out of town. About 15 minutes later, a witness reported a pickup truck speeding down Main Street in Carbondale that lost control on the rain-dampened road and slammed into the side of a restaurant. The truck drove away, but it was found before dawn in nearby Redstone, fully engulfed in flames. Anyone with information about the fires is asked to call the Sheriff’s Department at (970) 384-3625.

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