Fourth-grade essays on Earth Day |

Fourth-grade essays on Earth Day

Raven Cromwell, a fourth-grade teacher at Basalt Elementary had her 17 students write Earth Day themed essays.

Have you ever seen a person throw a cigarette on the ground or maybe a load of trash in the median? That’s when Earth Day comes in. On April 22, everyone joins in and picks up trash all around. The only problem is there’s more trash every time you turn around! We all need to work as a team not only on Earth Day but everyday to pick up trash. That way by the time all the litter is gone the world will be healthy!

This is what will happen if you don’t take care of the Earth. Mother Nature will get very mad and tell the trees to attack. They will grow very big and charge the cities, breaking down buildings. When they’re done attacking this part of the world, they will float to Europe and destroy more cities. They will enslave people and make them clean-up trash all over the world. People will pick-up trash for days and days and days. They will clean the ocean, the rivers, the cities, the countries, and the islands. Everywhere they will recycle until it is clean, and it will be against the law to throw your trash on the ground. So, if you don’t want that to happen, you should clean up your trash!

Earth Day is really important because we need to take care of the earth. If we don’t take care of the earth, the world will come to an end. So, don’t pollute, but please reuse, recycle, clean up after yourself and others, and turn off the lights when you leave a room. You should also walk some of the places you need to go unless it is pretty far away. You can also take the bus or ride your bike. So be green and help your earth this Earth Day!

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I have five steps so we can save the Earth. First step, don’t pollute the river because people and animals need the water. The second step is not to smoke because it pollutes the air and every single living thing needs oxygen to live. The third step is not to cut trees down. If you cut them, you have to plant another one. The fourth one is to you human beings. Do not waste water or energy. Please turn it on when you need it and turn it off when you don’t need it. The fifth step is the last and the most important–recycle. You can recycle cans, bottle, paper, and many more things you can think of. Please, everybody do all of the steps so we can save Mother Nature and our planet Earth.

Earth is the only planet people can live on. It’s important to pick up trash, recycle, and turn lights off. Earth day is not just one day; it’s every day. Instead of staying inside, go outside and play. Don’t just watch television or go online because it is wasting energy. Also, don’t let sink overflow because it’s just wasting water. So, go outside and play and protect Mother Earth!

One day Mother Nature sprung from the ground and saw all the trash! She came to a street and said, “All people who litter will be punished. My trees and I are mad!” She sent tree troops everywhere! They ate trash, scared people, and wrecked all the cars, boats, and other things that are bad for the environment. Finally all of the trash was picked up…at least they thought so. At California’s Central Park there was a couple of wrappers buried deep, deep underground. To be continued…

What would happen if there was no Earth Day? Why ask me? Ask yourself. The earth is a place of peace. Even ask Mother Nature. One day Mother Nature was sliding on Saturn. She saw Bob and Nick (trees), and they told her that trash was piling on top of Edith (grass). The trees started yelling and a human heard them, and he told the townspeople. The townspeople agreed that there should be an earth day. This happened on April 22. So now on April 22, we have Earth Day!

One day on the corner of Broadway and 3rd, a little girl called out, “Help, help, help! Trash Man is trashing up the city! So just in time Clean Woman came to the rescue! Than with much surprise, soap and water sprayed out of her hands and onto the trash. After that Clean Woman flew up into the air and sprayed a sticky web onto the trash. The trash clung tightly to the web, and next Clean Woman flung the trash into Outer Space. “What a good duty,” said the little girl.

The next day Trash Man made the city so trashy that it took him seventy days to ruin it, but then seconds later, Clean Woman came into the picture and did her thing. Next thing she knew, Trash Man got down on his knees and said, “Clean Woman, you have overpowered me once and for all, this is because I would like to fight crime with you until the end of the world. I will join you Clean Woman.” Clean Woman said all right, and they flew off together in the sunset.

The End

P.S. They lived happily ever after. He was never trashy again.

There once were these aliens that loved to pollute. They came to earth and started polluting. They destroyed all the recycling factories. They even had trash weapons. They polluted everywhere in the world.

We picked up ad up, but it didn’t work. They kept trashing our world up. We polluted their ship, but it only made it worse. Trash even fell from the sky! So, with our technology, we shot them out of the sky. The ship crashed to the surface of the ocean and sank. All of their robots shut down, canons stopped shooting, and the aliens died in the crash. They stopped polluting.

We picked up the trash and began new recycling factories. The world was better and happier.

If you pollute the water all the fish will die. Animals would die and the woods would be ruined. The earth would smell so bad that you could not go outside.

It is almost Earth Day, and you should not throw paper away. You should put it in the recycling box. You should also put plastic in the recycling box. If an officer sees you throwing trash in the wrong place, he should give you a ticket. If you still keep on doing it, then he should take you to jail or your parents. That’s what I think.

Do you want the earth clean? Well you have to stop throwing trash. Please stop littering! Do you want the earth to be dirty? No? I didn’t think so. You have to throw trash in a trashcan. If you are like me, you will try to save the earth. If you aren’t going to stop throwing trash it means you are so mean to the earth and the people that live on the earth too.

On April 22, 2009, I woke up and saw my calendar; it was Earth Day! I went downstairs and my parents told me that school was cancelled because of Earth Day. I was so excited because there was no school. My mom served me some cookies shaped and colored like the Earth. She told me to finish decorating them. When we finished, we ate almost all of them. When I finished I was so full. I went up to my room. I had an idea. I was going to call my friends (Rikelle, Julia, Carly, Johanna, Adele, and Julieta) so they could come and make posters for Earth Day. When they arrived I told them we were going to pick up trash and make posters about not polluting the Earth. We go all the materials and made the posters. When we finished we put our names on them and went marching. Everyone went outside to see, and they were really proud of us. We marched around the whole town. Then the newspaper came and took pictures of us marching. Then the television networks came to ask us questions. We were having so much fun. When we got home it was still afternoon. Our parents were so proud that they let us sleepover. We went to my tree house and all of us had a party. We fell asleep at 3:00 A.M. When we woke up, we went to the house and had breakfast. We saw that we were on the television and in the newspapers. When we went outside to play, we saw these bullies throwing trash on the ground. We went to talk to them, but they still threw trash. We told their parents so their parents made them pick it up and say sorry to us. They did. The police saw us do that so they made us the Litter Police. We were so happy that we started picking up trash everyday. Thanks to Earth Day we have made the earth cleaner.

Save trees because homework kills tress. One idea is that if you plant a tree it will help our Earth. Don’t kill trees because our Mother Earth will get mad. If you waste paper our Earth will die. Mother Earth will be happy if you save our Earth. She hates when people litter our Earth. Clean our Earth. Help Mother Earth clean and recycle.

It’s Earth Day and that means that we are going to clean the Earth. There are five steps. First, recycle. Second, save energy. Third, pick up trash. Fourth, plant a few plants. Fifth, don’t litter. Then Mother Earth will be clean. Thank you.

One summer day my cousin and I were having so much fun swimming. I noticed two boys were throwing trash. We always keep the earth clean, and they were throwing trash! They were knew here, and they had only been at school for the last two months before summer vacation. I had to do something about those two boys. I just couldn’t let them get away with it. I told my cousin Conner, and he agreed with me. We got out of our bathing suits and into our clothes and went to go stop them. We were looking for them, and we found them talking to there mom. We hid and heard them say to their mom, “Look what some kids did.” Their mom said, “Go catch them and make them clean it up! Please my sweeties.” They said, “Yes mommy!” Conner said, “They can’t get away with lying to their mom about trashing the place (or lying about anything else). It took us a week to videotape what they were doing. When they were at a friend’s, Conner and I went to their house and showed their mom. It ended when they came home. Their mom was so happy we showed her the tape. We even showed her the robot that cleans. The boys were in big trouble and grounded for the whole summer. They had to clean up. For our family, it was the best summer!

Everyone has to save water for showers, sinks, and toilets. You should wear green socks, pants, shirts, and hats. You have to save the power like tv, light bulbs, and energy for the house.

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