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Photo column by Kelley Cox

“Lonely” is the one word Brandon Shottlon said he would use to describe himself at this point in his life. Lonely, and also homeless.

As he sits by himself on the ground along Highway 133, most passers-by probably could guess that. But they might not guess that Brandon is a musician, singer and songwriter. And they surely would be surprised to hear that he recorded his first album that same day at a small private studio in Rifle. He has his sights set on having his music playing on the radio very soon.

Brandon grew up in Carbondale but has fallen on hard times. “I’m homeless right now, but I have a job. I work for a living. I’m not worthless,” he explains. “I have a good job.”

Brandon is a carpenter working for a concrete company. But his passion is country music.

“I just want to be heard,” Brandon says with conviction. “I just want my music to be heard.”

He wrote one of his songs about his mother, calling it “Something Special.” And to hear him talk about his music and his family makes it clear that Brandon is down, but he’s not out.

He has a dream, and he has desire ” two important elements to a brighter future, where loneliness doesn’t have to last.

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