Fraudulent voters should be prosecuted |

Fraudulent voters should be prosecuted

Dear Editor,

My faith in democracy, good journalism and the vast majority of the people of Marble is restored by the landslide victory of the incumbents, and the Lynn Burton April 5 story’s treatment of Marble’s election news. As context, however, it helps if readers understand that for the past four or five years, a small group of scofflaws (deep in denial and sworn to vengeance over having been slam-dunked by the Gunnison District Court upholding an entire town’s uniting to prevent the “claim-jumping” of a popular public trail) have buddies willing to resort to any means to discredit, harass and punish the courageous citizens who do the right thing and get the truth to the surface.

Now, two of the scofflaws’ number have shot themselves in the foot by committing voter fraud. The enemies of true democracy are not just in foreign terrorist enclaves. Prepare to witness the polished, aggressive denial process at work, right here in Crystal River City. They will no doubt, true to form, try to play the hapless victim role, and stretch to project all their own wrong doing onto brave citizens, onto the clerk and election judges who did their duty to the letter and spirit of Title 31 election law, and onto the voter registration process, while expanding their circle of palatable targets in hope of finding anyone on whom to stick the guilt – other than themselves, of course. I, for one, am sick of democracy and procedural justice being drowned in swamps of lies and misinformation designed to confound right outcomes.

If the justice system falters and fails to take this felony seriously, and neglects to prosecute these people, what sort of message about democracy is being sent? What are we fighting foreign terrorism for if we let a cancer from within destroy the values even our small town governments are meant to uphold? Is it somehow just OK to harass and smear public employees and elected or appointed officials and commit election fraud so long as the guilty ones are allowed to “convincingly” play stupid when caught red-handed? Time will tell whether my faith in the justice system’s ability to do the right thing will also be restored.

Vince Savage

Mayor pro tem

Town of Marble

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