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Freedom to abort?

English as a fun language. Some words have different meanings and can be used in different ways to create neat jokes and funny puns. Sometimes it goes so far as to be cruel and usual punishment. On the other hand, words can be used to mislead or be deceptive.

One of the worst is the term “freedom of choice.” The word “freedom” has been a basic concept in American culture and is foundational in the creation of our great nation. It is a foundational concept in all of our relationships, personal, religious and governmental. The term “freedom of choice” has been applied deceptively. It supposedly has something to do with woman’s health and their freedom to kill a human fetus. What it really is, is freedom from consequences of a choice already made.

So far something like 60 million children have been sacrificed in the womb for self-indulgence. Also, consider the self -indulgence of all the irresponsible men. What a price to pay for selfish pleasure.

On a larger scale, many government leaders have justified the killing of millions of their citizens because they were a threat to their lifestyle. The most obvious was the attempt to eradicate all Jews because they were a problem to a “superior people.” Maybe eliminating your mother-in-law is justified by the same reasoning. Where does it stop?

Ross L Talbott

New Castle

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