Friday letters: Slow Down in Town, Boebert, 480 Donegan |

Friday letters: Slow Down in Town, Boebert, 480 Donegan

Getting your attention?

Did you know CDOT 2021 statistics show 619 traffic fatalities for Colorado? Consequently, CDOT electronic signs along Interstate 70 currently are posting the message “Speed Kills, Slow Down.” CDOT, Colorado State Patrol, businesses and families everywhere want us home at the end of the day.

Take A Minute/Slow Down in Town wants the same thing in our communities, where encounters between motorists and pedestrians are the most deadly for pedestrians.

Take a Minute, think about it. … Invest and protect our communities, let our actions speak louder than words, Slow Down in Town.

Diane Reynolds

Take A Minute/Slow Down in Town

committee member

Glenwood Springs

No apology needed

I would like to comment on Colin Wilhelm’s “apology” letter of Dec. 1. Sir, how dare you presume to publicly speak on behalf of Rep. Boebert, me or anybody else? Especially galling is your assertion that everybody in western Colorado agrees with you.

Rep. Boebert may not be completely housebroken, but at least she says what she thinks, not what handlers tell her to think. We have enough mealy-mouthed, politically correct party hack politicians as it is.

In my opinion, Rep. Omar is a hateful, bigoted and vindictive individual who loudly despises the country that lets her make a good living, spew hate and hide behind the Koran. She exercises her rights and opinions while denying or deriding the same to anyone who disagrees with her.

Your arrogance and pomposity are on full display, and unfortunately this seems to be the stance of the Democratic Party. In my opinion. If you feel the need to privately express a sentiment, fine. But keep the rest of us out of it.

Robert Becker


Flawed alternatives

Vreneli Diemoz shared an update for a planned, needed and much-belated response to emergency evacuation of West Glenwood Springs involving direct emergency cut-through access to I-70.

On paper this might look good, but in reality may be problematic due to employee shortfalls in many associated agencies including the Colorado Department of Transportation, Colorado State patrol, Garfield County Sheriff and the Glenwood Springs Police Department (currently short approximately 10 employees).

This small “solution” will not be totally adequate with a shortfall of people to manage. It could devolve into armed, impaired citizenry wanting to “direct” traffic, as has occurred in the past with a 45- to 60-minute response by the police?

Past evacuations have shown the need for both egress and ingress: people leaving conflict with those hurrying in to get family members or pets and hampering emergency responders. More needs to be done and in place, not just getting approvals, cutting fences and putting down pavement.

Floyd Diemoz wrote about underlying GarCo approvals to build on this parcel. In reviewing this 1980 approval, such development would be much less impactful than the currently approved 300 multi-family residential units. He posits 700 parking spaces, yet the document states their desire to provide fewer than 700. Their traffic study projects just 85 trips per day using Donegan Road with a total of 603 employees vs. 600 to 1,000-plus residents.

The approval allows two-story buildings up to 25 feet tall, whereas the city approval allows three to four stories up to 53 feet tall. A “threatened” 24-hour warehouse operation could not go there per existing approval.

This “blank slate” portends many different visions on what can or could be done. There is no desire to deny the Diemoz family their property rights. Many are concerned with what has happened and will happen to this parcel. Even the GarCo commissioners were not supportive of the currently approved development proposal. The GSPI in an editorial asked the community to share their vision of “smart growth” and as a community to “seek solutions.”

More to come.

Greg Jeung

Glenwood Springs


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