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Friday Q&A

Bob Hoffmeister

Bob HoffmeisterGlenwood Springs resident Bob Hoffmeister was recently honored as the 2010 Snowmobiler of the Year by the Colorado Snowmobile Association.Age: 77What is the award for?It’s Snowmobiler of the Year, from the Colorado Snowmobile Association out of Denver. It’s statewide, and it’s just an award basically for some of the things that I’ve done through the years.How long have you been involved with the Colorado Snowmobile Association?I started back in the 1960s, a long time ago. I started working with getting them [CSA] started and getting them organized. And I think there are 28 [snowmobile] grooming organizations in the state that are part of the association now.Since I’ve been snowmobiling for that long they figured they would give me something before I fell apart.How long have you been snowmobiling? And how have things changed?We started back in the middle ’60s. You’d be a dealer if you bought two or three different machines back then. [The sport] was not like it is now. The machines started out with eight and 12 horsepower engines then. And now they’re up to 50 horsepower. The old machines used to cost $600 to $700, and now are around $10,000.We used to go ice fishing at Deep Lake, on those old machines, and it took half the day to get there and half the night to get back.Which clubs are you a member of and what do you do for them?I belong to both the Rifle Snowmobile Club and the Flattoppers Club in Glenwood Springs. I have belonged to both of them and groomed [trails] for them both, since they started. The Rifle Club started back in the ’60s, and the Glenwood Club, I can’t remember when they started, sometime in the early ’70s.When they gave me the award they asked me if I still rode snowmobiles, and I had to laugh a little bit, because I still do a lot for them. I groom trails with the Flattoppers Club and set out marker polls and trail signs for people to see the trail. I generally go on the Deep Lake run, at least once a week, to groom the run.I’m a general all-around helper.What do you like most about snowmobiling?Well, to start with there aren’t any lift lines. And you can see so much country in such a short time. It’s a family sport. I was out the other day and saw there was one machine and about six people with skis and snowboards.It’s quite a sport, and it’s changed so much. We had a snowmobile dealership in Rifle. We were some of the original snowmobile dealers in Garfield County.What is your favorite area to ride?The Flat Tops, north of Rifle and Glenwood. And we just went on a special trip to Electric Cabin on the Grand Mesa a couple of weeks ago. There are so many different areas here where you can go. We have it all. It’s something else.How did you feel when you received the award?I found out the night I got it, so I was a little surprised. It’s an honor and it humbles you, really. When they bestow something like that to you. It’s something else, really.

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